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Chilipepper's Paintings On Display

(Left to right) 1. "Her Arrangement" by Chilipepper (20x24-inch acrylic painting). 2. "Hello Green Breeze" by Chilipepper (20x24-inch acrylic painting). 3. "Spring Vibes" by Chilipepper (20x24-inch acrylic painting).

by Glenn Franco Simmons

A Northern Nevada painter whose art I saw and enjoyed in Reno is quite prolific and popular and she may be better known by her nickname.

Yasuyo Corbett’s nickname is Chilipepper because “as I am told I can be Spicy,” states Corbett on her website.

“From Lake Tahoe to Tokyo, to New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai and my art has taken me all over the world,” she noted.

Corbett “was born in Osaka, Japan surrounded by all the beauty of the Japanese culture,” according to the website.

Trained in “Kimonos and traditional flower arrangements,” Corbett said on her website, “this is when I first experienced joy in expressing my emotions with colors. “Everything Consists of Love" is the title of the brightly colored painting on the left, as an example of her style.

“I was fortunate to keep art in the forefront of my life, working as a visual merchandiser,” Corbett stated. “I am incredibly pleased that my love of creating and working with color has continued throughout my life and enabled me to experience so many amazing places in the world.”

How to pronounce Yasuyo? “YA SU YO,” but Corbett goes by her nickname, as previously noted, for her business: “Chilipepper’s Paintings.”

Corbett said she found herself in Lake Tahoe because she “met the love of my life, my husband,” according to the website. “I love living in Lake Tahoe.”

The Northern Nevada artist still visits and exhibits in Tokyo twice annually, according to the website.

“I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to grow my art in the United States,” she stated on her website. “I work in acrylic gouache and acrylic paints. I enjoy rich, deep colors and playing with how they can provide an immersive and sometimes playful experience. I hope you enjoy my artwork, a representation of the Japanese experience in the U.S.”

Her art is enjoyed! It sure was a feast for the eyes as I sipped my bubbling Kombucha and Kathleen enjoyed her delicious coffee.

Bear portrait, "Always Be Here For You," by Chilipepper (18x24-inch acrylic painting). 3. Bear portrait, "Coffee For You," by Chilipepper (18x24-inch acrylic painting). 3. Bear portrait, "Old Photograph," by Chilipepper (18x24-inch acrylic painting).

Corbett is also a dog-lover, as evidenced by a well-written article in “Life Hugger.” (Translate to English, if you cannot read Japanese. It is a mostly accurate translation of Japanese to English by automatic Google Translate.)

“… Yasuyo also talked about an episode {she} had with a rescue dog two years ago when {she} was recuperating from an illness,” the article states.

“‘I had to leave the hospital one day after the surgery, and the doctor told me to walk every day, so I walked alone every day holding my stomach,’” she explained to “Life Hugger.”

“‘Then, a rescue dog who lived across the street started walking with me every day. He walked ahead of me, and when I caught up with him, he walked ahead of me again. He did this every day, and before I knew it, I was able to walk long distances.’”

This journey back to health was the inspiration that further lit Yasuyo’s creativity. The painting titled “Happy Bouquet” (right) is an illustration of Chilipepper’s creativity.

Regarding her feelings when drawing a rescue dog, she was quoted in the article as having said, “‘I always draw it thinking about what it would be like if I were living with this dog. For example, if I wanted a snack for me. There is a very clear lake called Lake Tahoe, and I’m imagining playing in the water together there, jumping in, being blown by the wind, etc.’”

To read the full, excellent article and see Corbett’s paintings of dogs, please navigate to the “Life Hugger” article link above.

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