Thursday, December 21, 2023

Old Washoe City's Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory Perfect For Late Christmas Gifts


In Old Washoe City there is one of the sweetest roadside attractions that you will ever find.

It is one of the reasons I choose to take the old highway.

And if you are looking for a last-minute Christmas gift, check out the Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory! It's not too late and is minutes from Carson City.

The factory has been “crafting exquisite candies and chocolates since 1936,” according to the company’s nicely designed website.

"The Prospector" at the Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory in Old Washoe City.

“We are proud to be third-generation candy makers,” Ed added. “It all began with our grandfather Frank, who discovered his passion for candy-making after purchasing a kit from a magazine. Using only the finest ingredients, such as pure chocolate, fresh dairy cream, butter and roasted nuts, he created delicious treats that quickly became a sought-after delicacy.”

I bought chocolates for my wife Kathleen there, but I have not yet tried their peanut brittle, which is my favorite candy at such candy stores. You can have all the chocolate you want, but I will take peanut brittle and so would have my late mother.

“One of {Frank’s} signature creations was his thin and crispy peanut brittle, which was famously light as a potato chip,” Ed noted. “Our father Dan continued the legacy by perfecting recipes and developing new ones, while our mother Caroline managed the business alongside him until 2005.

“Today, even though our grandfather and father have passed away, our 80-year-old mother remains an active part of the business.”

That is quite a story that should make not only all Northern Nevadans proud, but all Americans. This is the type of American small family business success story that we should hear a lot more about, wouldn’t you say?

The family that has made this business a Nevada icon for generations said it will continue making scrumptious candy.

“We are committed to maintaining the same high standards that our family has always upheld by using only the best ingredients and the highest-quality chocolate,” Ed noted. “Our award-winning peanut brittle is a testament to our commitment to excellence, and we thank you for being a part of our family by indulging in our premium candies and chocolates.”

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