Thursday, December 14, 2023

Yerington's Red Rooster A Nevada Jewel

Red Rooster Emporium in Yerington.

The Red Rooster

In Yerington, dressed in rustic attire,

Red Rooster’s gems, set Christmas hearts afire.

Antiques, collectibles, a nostalgic spree,

Americana at heart, for you and me.


A rooster’s call, crimson, bold and loud,

In this Nevada town, stands proud.

Farm’s treasures and trinkets that enchant,

Every child’s wish, the perfect grant.


Shelves of memories, glass shines so clear,

Catching winter’s glow, spreading cheer.

Embroidery threads, in festive hue,

Weave stories old yet feel so new.


Large roosters, chickens, adorning yards with glee,

Reflect the soul of the community, you'll agree.

In Yerington’s embrace, beneath the Christmas star,

At Red Rooster's realm, we’re all never far.


Mining past, agriculture’s present day,

In each item’s charm, their tales lay.

So come gather round, let your holiday heart roam,

At the Red Rooster Emporium, a Nevada home.

~ Franco

(Poem & photos © Glenn Franco Simmons. Please share, if so inclined.)

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