Saturday, December 16, 2023

Haven On Earth 'Heaven' For No Gluten

Some of the goodies you may be able to order at Haven.

by Glenn Franco Simmons

Haven on Earth Bakery & Deli is a self-described “dedicated gluten free Bakery & Deli” located in southeast Reno, Nev.

It really is a haven for those whose dietary needs require gluten-free products.

“We give a new perspective on gluten free, {which} means without wheat, barley and rye but that has nothing to do with ‘OUR’ taste and texture,” according to the company’s website.

And taste there is, even for those of us who do not require a gluten-free diet. Haven on Earth is still a must-stop for anyone who likes quality baked and deli items. 
There are also yummy hot entrées, delicious salads and sides.

And there is more!

“We now have 10-lb. loaves here,” the website notes. “Gluten-free is a challenge we have met head-on and won! Some of our products include an excellent flax bread, sandwich bread, artisan breads, a complete line of cookies, pastries and even baked donuts. When people taste our baked goods all they say is ‘I’ll be back for more!’”

There are also cakes, pies, holiday orders and more! In fact, there are so many gluten-free bakery products, I encourage you to visit Haven On Earth’s website. Please remember that some items described on a website and offerings in a store may change.

Haven On Earth also emphasizes that because it is a dedicated gluten-free bakery and deli, cross-contamination is not a worry like it may be in some eateries that simultaneously serve gluten and gluten-free products.

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