Language Quoted

So far, as of this writing in May of 2019, I've come across what I consider racially insensitive comments in the book I'm quoting from, C.C. Goodwin's masterful "The Comstock Lode."

While I do not entertain any such discriminatory views, I also do not believe it is advisable to neglect literature — in this case, one of the finest examples of Sagebrush School prose ever written — because it contains discriminatory views and/or language.

I see such works as an opportunity to educate, and to illustrate how civilization has so unevenly evolved and become better in many respects.

It is a sad case, indeed, when one realizes that even in our world today, many people still hold these unfortunate, ungodly views.

Please note that I attempt to remove the culturally insensitive and discriminatory language with ellipses on the multiple occasions where they have already occurred; however, that may not always be possible. Inclusion of such language is absolutely not my endorsement of it.

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