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Quoted material on this blog falls under U.S. fair-use copyright law's commentary, criticism, news reporting, research and scholarship uses. Such quotes are for noncommercial purposes. The blog publisher, Glenn Franco Simmons, receives no compensation, gifts and/or other financial reward from any posts, including photos and the written word, on this blog. As such, part of this blog's purpose is to further educational study by adding another source of Comstock history in a brief setting. Hopefully, this spurs readers to research and study further, especially from sources used in this blog. If you have an objection to my use of quotes, please email me.

Photos used are either my own, from Wikipedia (public domain and Creative Commons), Flickr (Creative Commons) or from institutions, such as the University of Nevada Reno or the Library of Congress, which have archives of historical photos for public use. If you have an objection to my use of photos, please email me.

All of Glenn Franco Simmons' words and photos are copyrighted, but they are released under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

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