About Glenn Franco Simmons

The Comstock Lode is published by Glenn Franco Simmons, who resides in Carson City, Nev.

Glenn is a former newspaper reporter, editor and publisher, radio news anchor and, since 2009, a professional photographer specializing in floral.

He is a dues'-paying member of The Society of Professional Journalists, and the Professional Photographers of America.

Glenn has loved The Comstock Lode since he first visited Virginia City in 1990. Used to the ancient redwoods of his 40-year home on the North Coast of California, the stark and beautiful contrast with Comstock country made quite an impression on him that never left.

In 2019, Glenn and his wife Kathleen moved back to her home town of Carson City, to be closer to family.

Recovery from a serious illness led me to put this blog aside for about 2 1/2 years, but in 2022, I will return to posting to this blog.

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